A holistic and continuous approach to rapidly prototyping and scaling capable and secure commercial UAS technology for the Department of Defense.

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About Blue UAS

The Blue UAS effort is a holistic and continuous approach that will rapidly vet and scale commercial unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology for the Department of Defense (DoD). This program consists of 5 lines of effort that curate, maintain and improve a robust roster of policy approved commercial UAS which suit the diverse needs of DoD users. UAS provide novel capabilities in daily life. Commercial drones are increasingly relied upon to study agricultural yields, construction sites, infrastructure, and real estate, as well as deliver supplies, capture extreme sport videography, or assist in search and rescue operations. 

The military applications of those same systems become more apparent each day  including  transformative on-demand tactical capabilities in contested battle spaces.  The ever evolving development of commercial UAS can benefit DoD and government users as systems are routinely updated, vetted and on-ramped, increasing the pace of access to technology.

Policy compliant commercial UAS, once vetted by the Blue UAS On-Ramp effort, do not require a continuous exception to DoD policy renewal, reducing the administrative burden on end users. The Blue UAS program is not an exclusive path for government validation of UAS, however it is built with the intention of being the most efficient method available for commercial systems. 

Blue UAS represents a trusted resource for a broad range of capabilities, from maintaining base infrastructure to promoting physical security through routine patrol and surveillance. Replacing the current restrictive environment around UAS with a permissive structure for review and acquisition will foster the development of individual tactics and expand the DoD use and capabilities of UAS.

Blue UAS Lines of Effort
Blue Cleared List

Blue UAS Cleared List

Blue OnRampmdpi

Blue UAS On Ramp

Blue Hubmdpi

Blue UAS Hub

Blue Foundrymdpi

Blue UAS Foundry

Blue Frameworkmdpi

Blue UAS Framework

Blue UAS Cleared List

A routinely updated list of DoD approved drones providing options for the evolving mission needs of government users.  These drones are section 848 FY20 NDAA compliant, validated as cyber-secure and safe to fly, and are available for government purchase and operation.

Blue UAS On-Ramp

A streamlined approval and vetting process to enable the routine on-boarding of capable, secure commercial UAS into the government marketplace.  The On-Ramp makes vetted drones available to government customers.

Blue UAS Hub

A Government website that provides comprehensive information on Blue UAS resources in one place for industry and Government stakeholders. It also addresses the latest OSD and service-level UAS policy to include clearly articulated and easy to navigate processes and requirements.

Blue UAS Foundry

DIU’s proven Commercial Solutions Opening process is used to rapidly prototype and scale new or existing UAS for unique government customer needs and continued iterative experimentation.

Blue UAS Framework

Interoperable,  NDAA compliant UAS components and software that provide options for Government and industry partners. The Framework provides advanced capabilities to sUAS developers and reduces risk for government customers.


How to Procure Blue UAS

Procure secure, trusted UAS across the interagency

The Blue UAS project is making commercial UAS available to DoD and Federal Government partners. There are several ways by which these systems can be procured:

  • Production-Other Transaction Agreement: The successful completion of a prototype OT allows for a follow-on production OT to be executed with built-in sole source justification. A DoD organization can either choose to execute their own P-OTA with any one of the various Blue UAS options or provide funding to purchase quantities off of an existing P-OT sponsored by a different organization within the DoD.

  • GSA Schedule: Once approved as Blue UAS, systems may be listed on the GSA schedule along with accessories and payloads. Traditional methods for purchase through the GSA schedule include use of GSA Advantage for online purchasing.

  • DLA TLSP: The Defense Logistics Agency's Tailored Logistics Support Program provides a vehicle for purchasing certain systems through user contracting officials.  Visit the DLA site to learn more.

Blue UAS Panel at Capital Factory's Fed SuperNova

September 28, 2021 - The Defense Innovation Unit and Blue UAS stakeholders discuss the challenges and way ahead for building a capable and trusted UAS ecosystem for the US and its partners.

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If you are interested in learning more about Blue UAS, please reach out to the DIU Blue UAS team at blueuas@diu.mil.