We’re contracting with companies offering solutions in a variety of areas – from autonomy and AI to human systems, cyber, and space.

Solutions - Portfolio

We Work with Top Companies to Solve Today’s National Security Problems.

We’re Focused On:

Artificial Intelligence

Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate critical decision making and operational impact

Lines of Effort:
  • Machine Learning Predictions Whether it is understanding 3 or 30 years of historical data or tracking real-time performance from millions of sensors across an electrical grid, AI powers mission readiness and reduces costs. However, with data-enabled trending and predictions not only can things be fixed before they break, so can people.

  • Big Data Analysis The sheer amount of data that is generated from sensors on a daily basis makes human processing and analysis impossible, let alone identifying the critical signal amidst the noise. Our portfolio is tapping into commercial big data analysis capabilities to understand adversarial positioning.

  • AI Enhanced Decision Making Managing disparate data feeds from various sensors slows our ability to provide decision options at speed. Harnessing commercial capabilities such as financial modeling and insurance risk projections can inform target identification, tracking classification, real-time threat assessment, mission maps, and post-disaster damage assessments.

We're Focused On:


Accelerating the adoption and scaling of trusted commercial autonomy and improving our ability to counter adversarial systems

Lines Of Effort:
  • Small UAS Increasing access to tactical drones, lowering procurement barriers, and supporting the U.S. drone industrial base. Click here to learn more.

  • Counter UAS Delivering defensive systems to detect, track, identify and defeat adversarial UAS.

  • Maritime Autonomy Increasing domain awareness, hazard defeat, and resilient logistics.

  • Mission Autonomy Optimizing AI/ML and autonomous learning behaviors, artificial agents, and simulation environments to enable operations in contested battle areas

  • Logistics Streamlining supply chains and reducing human exposure during hazardous logistics operations

  • Manufacturing Producing safer, faster, and more cost-effective construction scale additive manufacturing and 3D printing capabilities

  • Ground Mobility Advancing commercial AV technology to improve safety systems, fuel economy, increase force protection, and reduce boots on the ground.

We're Focused On:


Making enterprise combat information open, accessible, and secure for defense personnel across the globe

Lines Of Effort:
  • Assess Threats Identify and assess cyber threats to help secure DoD systems, enhance situational awareness, and better understand adversaries.

  • Secure Develop secure systems to ensure the DoD can continue operations in the face of disruptive or destructive cyber attacks.

  • Defend Defend DoD systems from cyber attacks that attempt to adversely affect the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of these systems.

  • Enable Field capabilities that enable the DoD to attack and exploit the weaknesses of an adversary’s military and related networks.

We're Focused On:


Leveraging advancements in the commercial sector to strengthen resilience on military installations and enhance operational energy capabilities.

Lines of Effort:
  • Installation Resilience Optimizing energy generation, storage and delivery to ensure installation infrastructure is smart, secure, and efficient

  • Operational Energy Enhancing the range, duration and efficiency of military platforms to optimize performance in contested environments and extreme conditions. 


We're Focused On:

Human Systems

Optimizing the human system and its enabling platforms through enhanced equipment, innovative training, and novel health applications

Lines Of Effort:
  • Lethality Optimizing current capabilities and introducing new technology to continuously improve the warfighters ability to shoot, move, and communicate.

  • Survivability Leveraging biotechnology and biomedical applications to enhance warfighter performance, recovery, and detection capabilities.

  • Readiness Introducing technology that advances warfighter training, personnel management, and testing capabilities to enhance force readiness.

We're Focused On:


Developing on-demand access to space, persistent satellite capabilities, and broadband space data transfer

Lines Of Effort:
  • Peacetime Indications & Warnings Improve situational awareness and support decision makers by leveraging small, low-cost imaging satellites with a range of sensing modalities to build our capacity and broaden our focus for pattern-of-life analysis.

  • Responsive Access to Mission-Designated Orbits Adopt commercial launch-as-a-service to improve flexibility to launch various payloads from air, land or sea; enable precision delivery of payloads to prescribed orbits with minimal delay; and increase launch cadence and capacity to ensure responsive access to space.

  • Reduced Latency Communications & GPS Resiliency Provide a scalable means to meet the future needs of DoD satellite control networks and enable Service members to navigate on the ground through GPS denied and/or degraded signal environments.

  • Hardware-to-Software Transformation Modernization Modernize critical legacy hardware systems using new, adaptable approaches, such as software-defined systems, that extend the life of hardware, improve capabilities, and eliminate the challenge of parts obsolescence.

  • Multi-Orbit Operations & Logistics Provide low-cost, responsive access to exotic orbits as well as new nodes for logistics and in-space developmental tests.