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In addition to accelerating commercial innovation for our men and women in uniform, we’re aiming to bring about a cultural shift in DoD so other DoD entities can do the same. To that end, we’ve shared an overview of our Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO), our contract mechanism not bound by the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), as well as a guide for DoD entities to set up their own similar contract mechanisms. This space will also feature other DIU publications pertaining to issues of technology and national security.
The CSO is a competitive solicitation seeking proposals for innovative, commercial technologies that may result in the award of an Other Transaction Agreement. DIU uses the services of several government procurement offices to enter into agreements with commercial companies. While CSO procedures are similar, there are slight variations in how DIU, Army Contracting Command – New Jersey, and Washington Headquarters Service – Acquisition Directorate operate. Their respective CSO procedures are detailed in the documents available below. Note that the solicitation number associated with each CSO (for example, HQ0845-19-S-C001) will be referenced in any Area of Interest (AoI) postings on the DIU website. These details will clarify which office is managing the CSO. When you respond to an AoI, please ensure you are following procedures appropriate to the office executing the CSO.