How To Work With DIU

At the Defense Innovation Unit, our mission is to accelerate commercial technology to solve our nation's most critical national security challenges. With that in mind, we've created a series of short videos to help you better understand and navigate our unique process, from solicitation to prototype contract. 

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DIU Makes it Easy for Commercial Companies to Work With the Department of Defense

DIU helps lower the barriers to entry for commercial tech companies interested in working with the Department of Defense (DoD). We reduce the amount of time it takes from problem identification to prototyping a commercial solution and implementing it in the field. Our powerful DoD network, agile processes, contract authority, and diverse team of experts can accelerate a path to revenue for your company.

How We Work With Commercial Companies

In this video, learn how DIU helps minimize up-front costs for commercial tech companies interested in working with DoD.

Responding to a DIU Solicitation

When it comes to submitting a solution brief to DIU, we want to keep the barriers to entry low. This short video lays out some of the best practices for commercial companies to keep in mind when responding to our solicitations.

Understanding the DIU Competitive Down-Select Process

In this short video, Program Manager Sarah Pearson (contractor) explains the process of how DIU uses real-world problem statements from within the Department of Defense to solicit and select our commercial technology partners. See here for additional details on the CSO process.

Preparing for a DIU Live Pitch

Are you preparing to present a live pitch to DIU, or just curious about the process? This short video, narrated by DIU Program Manager Travis DeMeester (contractor), goes over some of the main points to keep in mind as you build your presentation.

Working With DIU: Benefits to Commercial Companies

Are you curious about the ins and outs of partnering with DIU, and how it can benefit your company? In this short video, Program Manager Sarah Pearson (contractor) explains some of what you can expect if you’re awarded a DIU prototype contract.

Working With DIU: Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions about how to work with DIU, especially when it comes to understanding our solicitation process and how to make technology stand out from the crowd. Check out this FAQ video, narrated by DIU Program Managers Sarah Pearson (contractor) and Travis DeMeester (contractor) for answers to those questions and more. Check out this FAQ video for answers to those questions and more, and see these details on how commercial companies can partner with DIU.

See here for more information on working with DIU.