Justin Norman

Justin Norman

Acting Portfolio Director and Technical Director, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Portfolio

Mountain View, CA

Justin Norman is the acting Portfolio Director and Technical Director for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). He also serves as the CTO/Deputy Director, INDOPACOM Joint Mission Accelerator Directorate (JMAD). In this role, he brings an algorithmic, software and systems engineering  viewpoint to the entire lifecycle of DIU portfolio projects that focus on ML/AI applications, AI System Validation and Automation.  

In September 2023, Justin was appointed to serve as a member of the Department of the Navy’s Science and Technology Board (DON STB) federal advisory committee.

Alongside his work at DIU and DON, Justin is also a U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Officer assigned to U.S. Marine Corps, Pacific.  

In addition, he is a third year PhD student at UC Berkeley, where he is advised by Dr. Hany Farid. Justin’s research is centered in computer vision, computational photography, machine learning and machine learning engineering. He is a recipient of the Marcus Foster Fellowship.

Previously, Justin was VP, Data Science, Analytics and Data Product at Yelp. In that role, he was responsible for five functional Data Science teams, the corporate Data Product Management team, as well as the Yelp DS/ML experimentation platform and the Core Machine Learning Platform. As VP of DS, Analytics and Data Product, Justin was also responsible for DS Product Measurement Strategy.

Before Yelp, Justin was the Director of Research and Data Science at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs, Head of Applied Machine Learning at Fitbit, the Global Head of Cisco’s Enterprise Data Science Office and a Big Data Systems Engineer with Booz Allen Hamilton. Prior to his work in industry, Justin served as a Marine Corps Officer, with a focus in Systems Analytics and Device Intelligence. He is a graduate of the US Naval Academy with a degree in Computer Science and the University of Southern California with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Business Analytics.

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