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EpiSys Science, Inc. —
Collaborative Tactical Autonomy

The Problem This Solution Solves

Existing standoff weapons fly pre-planned routes but encounter highly dynamic environments, leaving them vulnerable to sophisticated air defense systems. To improve the efficacy and survivability of our long-range weapons, a minimum level of autonomy must be incorporated into their design.

The Solution

This solution provides collaborative mission autonomy algorithms, or agents, that command large numbers of long range air vehicles (weapons, sensors, etc.) in order to penetrate contested airspace in a survivable and effective manner, reacting in real-time to changes in the environment or losses in forces.

EpiSys Science, Inc. is one of the many companies we have contracted with in a variety of focus areas.

The DIU Commercial Solutions Catalog is a compilation of both our successful and transitioned prototypes. In conjunction with our Department of Defense (DoD) partners, we have evaluated, adapted, and tested these commercial solutions to solve your organization’s AI/ML, autonomy, cyber, human systems, and space challenges.

Prototype “Success Memos,” which enable DoD and U.S. Government (USG) entities to enter into Production Other Transaction agreements without re-competing, are available through DIU.

If you work for a DoD or USG organization, these technology solutions are available for purchase right now. To learn more about whether these capabilities can meet your organization’s unique operational needs or how to acquire them, please send a direct inquiry through DIU’s Contact Us page.