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Sealing Technologies, Inc —
Hunt Forward

The Problem This Solution Solves

Having put a higher priority on persistent engagement and hunt forward missions, the USCYBERCOM Commander relies on more teams and equipment to fight malicious cyber actors in unprotected and uncontrolled foreign networks due to putting a higher priority on persistent engagement and hunt forward missions. Without the traditional network security protections and with only a government network accreditation, the current DMSS and hunt kits are not able to perform the requisite mission in forward deployed locations as they are optimized for government owned and controlled networks.

The Solution

The hunt forward solution combines hardware and software in a personal, lightweight, OPSEC friendly travel kit that enables hunt forward teams to discretely and quickly travel to and operate at mission partner sites with better effectiveness than the tools and applications they have available at their home stations.

Sealing Technologies, Inc is one of the many companies we have contracted with in a variety of focus areas.

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