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Shield AI —
Autonomous Tactical Airborne Drone

The Problem This Solution Solves

Combat in dense, urban environments is lethal and growing more complex as new dimensions (e.g.,caves, underground facilities, multi-level stories, such as hotels and resorts, etc.) are exploited by enemy combatants. Soldiers are expected to clear rooms and entire villages with unique complexities, while not possessing relevant intelligence; the status quo practice of sending troops to clear rooms is risky and often results in fatalities of soldiers and innocent civilians.

The Solution

Shield AI developed an artificial intelligence system acting on autonomous quadcopters to resolve critical information deficiencies related to targeting, building clearances and urban combat. This quadcopter has exploratory capability to conduct autonomous exploration of indoor spaces. It can navigate to unexplored spaces nearest a building entrance, avoid static obstacles, and navigate through doors previously identified as closed. The ground station presents a map of environments generated by the quadcopter; presenting 720p, H264 compressed streaming video with a latency of less than 300ms.

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Shield AI is one of the many companies we have contracted with in a variety of focus areas.

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