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Zimperium, Inc —
Mobile Endpoint Security

The Problem This Solution Solves

IT administrators use mobile device management (MDM) tools to track, manage, and secure mobile endpoints. They are widely used within DoD and can, for example, configure trusted Wi-Fi access, install and update sanctioned apps, or remotely lock and wipe a lost or stolen device. However, MDM tools do not typically protect mobile endpoints against attacks such as phishing, malicious or risky apps, operating system exploits, or network attacks. 

DoD’s mobile endpoints are targets for nation-state attacks because breaches can lead to the loss of confidential information and credentials. Mobile endpoint security technology fills that security gap. Previous methods aimed at addressing this gap in security have been minimally successful.

The Solution

Mobile endpoint security solutions manage security from a central portal, reducing security risks to mobile devices, networks, and individuals. Zimperium’s solution combines a global sensor network with machine learning to predict and identify complex patterns that indicate risk overlooked by human analysts. Additionally, it provides autonomous, on-device threat detection and remediation for mobile devices, ultimately reducing adversaries’ ability to successfully attack mobile devices or compromise DoD networks, even when the mobile devices are not on a network. The Zimperium solution was adopted by the Defense Information Systems Agency to protect up to 205,000 government-provided mobile devices.

Zimperium, Inc is one of the many companies we have contracted with in a variety of focus areas.

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