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Zipline International —
Critical Supply Delivery

The Problem This Solution Solves

Medical supplies, especially blood and plasma as well as small maintenance parts, are difficult to distribute in conflict areas and austere environments. The DoD spends significant resources on prepositioning critical life-saving medical materials and maintenance supplies around the world and then distributes those resources with manned platforms, costing time and money while putting additional lives at risk.

The Solution

The Zipline distribution system allows for set-up of a quickly-deployable autonomous aircraft system that brings mission-critical items and medical supplies to the forward edge of the battlespace. It has a payload of 5lbs, operating radius of 80 km+ and throughput of 1k lbs/day.

Zipline International is one of the many companies we have contracted with in a variety of focus areas.

The DIU Commercial Solutions Catalog is a compilation of both our successful and transitioned prototypes. In conjunction with our Department of Defense (DoD) partners, we have evaluated, adapted, and tested these commercial solutions to solve your organization’s AI/ML, autonomy, cyber, human systems, and space challenges.

Prototype “Success Memos,” which enable DoD and U.S. Government (USG) entities to enter into Production Other Transaction agreements without re-competing, are available through DIU.

If you work for a DoD or USG organization, these technology solutions are available for purchase right now. To learn more about whether these capabilities can meet your organization’s unique operational needs or how to acquire them, please send a direct inquiry through DIU’s Contact Us page.