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Vertosoft LLC —
Intelligent Business Automation

The Problem This Solution Solves

The Department of Defense (DoD) leverages robotic process automation (RPA) tools to track and resolve discrepancies in enterprise resource management systems. These tools require well-defined rules and logic processes as well as substantial human intervention to continuously update and refine.

The Solution

In September 2020, the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) entered a prototyping agreement with Vertosoft and DataRobot to develop an ML solution that could be used with a robotic process automation (RPA) capability for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management and Control (FM&C). This prototype automated the correction of errors in an Army financial information system. The solution formally transitioned to Army FM&C after achieving an unmatched transactions (UMT) detection and correction rate exceeding 99%, and reducing human processing time from two hours to two minutes per unmatched transaction, thereby potentially saving the Army millions of dollars in annual labor costs.

Vertosoft LLC is one of the many companies we have contracted with in a variety of focus areas.

The DIU Commercial Solutions Catalog is a compilation of both our successful and transitioned prototypes. In conjunction with our Department of Defense (DoD) partners, we have evaluated, adapted, and tested these commercial solutions to solve your organization’s AI/ML, autonomy, cyber, human systems, and space challenges.

Prototype “Success Memos,” which enable DoD and U.S. Government (USG) entities to enter into Production Other Transaction agreements without re-competing, are available through DIU.

If you work for a DoD or USG organization, these technology solutions are available for purchase right now. To learn more about whether these capabilities can meet your organization’s unique operational needs or how to acquire them, please send a direct inquiry through DIU’s Contact Us page.