Powered by Talent: Andrew Higier

Dr. Andrew Higier serves as the Director of the Energy Portfolio at the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). In this role, Dr. Higier leads the Energy Portfolio in delivering strategic energy capabilities to the military by accelerating the adoption of commercial technology and strengthening the national security innovation base. The Energy Portfolio is focused on two primary lines of effort: Installation Resilience and Operational Energy.

Dr. Higier has spent over a decade focused on bringing innovative technologies to the warfighter. He has extensive experience across the Department of Defense (DoD), including multiple positions in the U.S. Navy, USSOUTHCOM, and OUSD R&E as well as diverse experience in both private industry and academia.

Dr. Higier holds a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering. He has authored a number of journal articles and has presented at a number of conferences across the globe and also holds a number of patents.

Why did you want to come to DIU?

In my experience working with DIU at previous positions in the DoD, I was always impressed with the speed at which DIU was able to move compared to the rest of the Department. I also found that working with DIU meant working with a whole team of people looking for ways to get to ‘yes,’ which was often different from my previous experience in government. Being a part of DIU was always an exciting prospect for me - and when the opportunity arose I jumped on it.

What problem are you currently working to solve?

We are looking to solve big energy problems across DoD. This includes operational energy, installation energy and even aviation efficiency.

What are you currently inspired by in your work at DIU? 

I'm inspired by the team of people at DIU - this is such an impressive group of people. I'm honored to be part of it and to lead the Energy Portfolio.


Dr. Andrew Higier briefs Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., Chief of Staff of the Air Force, at the DIU Mountain View, California office in December 2022.

What are you currently reading or recommend?  

I just finished “Inside the Five Sided Box,” by Ash Carter and got a better understanding of where DIU comes from. In addition, I'm finishing up “The Kill Chain: Defending America in the Future of High-Tech Warfare” by Christian Brose and I often listen to The Economist podcast as well as The Daily from NYT. 

What are you currently celebrating? What have been some recent wins for you/ your team?

The Energy Portfolio has been in growth mode since its inception in 2021. We continue to operate at a rapid pace and grow the portfolio,  and we  are closing in on our first transition in Tactical Vehicle Hybridization.