news | 29 December 2022

Navigating the Future of Global Technology Competition

Why is it important for the Department of Defense to be a "Fast Follower" as was referenced in the National Defense Strategy?

In 2022, Center for New America Security (CNAS) hosted DIU Director Michael Brown for a conversation on technology and national security. Mike shared DIU's recent accomplishments, insight into what the U.S. government should do to navigate the global technology competition and continued challenges in accelerating commercial technology. Mike shared the Fast Follower Strategy as a critical part of the to modernize the DoD effort well as detailed the complementary Hedge Strategy, leveraging Small, Unmanned, Many and Smart (SUMS).

Critical and emerging technologies will define the way the United States conducts warfare in the 21st century. To compete effectively, the United States should rethink how it acquires leading edge technologies from the commercial sector.

Read the two strategies or watch the conversation between Mike Brown and CNAS' Martijn Rasser.