news | 26 April 2024

DIU and UK jHub Defence Innovation Enhance Collaboration with New Personnel Exchange Agreement


The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) and the UK’s Strategic Command are pleased to announce a significant advancement in their partnership with the signing of updated annexes to their existing memorandum of understanding (MOU). These updates will solidify collaboration efforts by embedding a U.K. liaison at the DIU HQ in Silicon Valley and embedding a U.S. liaison at Strategic Command’s jHub Defence Innovation HQ in London.

The UK has just announced the creation of a new Defence Innovation Agency, which will build off of jHUB’s efforts and those of the UK’s Defence Innovation Unit and other innovation organizations, and this agreement will help the U.S. and UK partner even more deeply as that organization stands up over the coming year. The signing ceremony for these annexes was attended by General Jim Hockenhull, Commander of UK Strategic Command and Doug Beck, DIU Director and Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense, during the Strategic Command Conference on Thursday, April 25, in London.

Read the UK release here: