video | 17 May 2023

DAU Webinar: Innovation Sparks - How DIU Is Making A Difference

In this webinar, hosted by the Defense Acquisition University (DAU), both government and industry leaders discussed capability delivery against real-world challenges and illuminate the areas flexible acquisition authorities enabled both speed and scale.

Participants gained a better understanding of the Department’s growing adoption of non-traditional forms of contracting methods and the leadership role the Defense Innovation Unit plays inside the Department to accelerate commercial technology adoption, catalyze investment into the national security innovation base where commercial technology can be adapted and applied to meet warfighting requirements.

The panel was moderated by George Vukotich, Visiting Faculty Member, DAU. Participants included Mike Madsen, Deputy Director and Director of Strategic Engagement at DIU, and Cherissa Tamayori, Director of Acquisition at DIU. Also joining was Matt Isenbarger, CEO of Freefly Systems.

See here for full details of the webinar.

Video Timestamps:

Introductions: 1:00

Audience Questions: 6:54

Panel Questions, Round 1: 8:37

Panel Questions, Round 2: 28:22

Panel Questions, Round 3: 44:56

Audience Questions: 59:01 

Final Thoughts: 01:20:00