news | 15 January 2020

DIU Supports Counter Drone 2 Evaluation of C-UAS Technology

Black Dart 2019

The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) supported a number of Department of Defense (DoD) organizations in evaluating component technology during Counter Drone 1 and Black Dart demonstrations in 2019. Counter Drone is a comprehensive test and evaluation event to assess the efficacy of kinetic counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) solutions. Black Dart is a joint, interagency demonstration focusing on rapid development and implementation of C-UAS technology from readily-available commercial and government vendors. 

From the nineteen systems that were competitively selected and awarded for Counter Drone and Black Dart participation, DIU and its DoD partners chose three systems for inclusion in Counter Drone 2 held in November of this year. These vendors were selected for their performance and complementary capabilities, and were brought together with other government systems to integrate and test a government-defined reference architecture for a counter drone system. In addition to better understanding component systems' performance, the lessons learned from Counter Drone 2 will inform future integrations and system approaches. 

"The threat of UAS continues for the DoD and effective counter UAS solutions are needed that can evolve with the threat," said Lt Col David Willard, DIU Program Manager. 

The vendors selected to participate in Counter Drone 2 included:

D-Fend Solutions; EnforceAir c-UAS platform (Radio Frequency)

  • D-Fend Solutions is a leading provider of counter-drone solutions. EnforceAir c-UAS is an advanced autonomous system that automatically and passively detects, locates, and identifies rogue drones as well as mitigates risk by taking control over them and landing them safely at a pre-defined safe zone.

L3 Harris; Coppola, powered by FarSight (EO/IR)

  • L3Harris has developed the Coppola Intelligent Classification/ID system, powered by FarSight AI/ML. This system employs a unique deep data architecture and a real time processor to automatically: Slew-to-cue; hook & track; and classify the threat.

Anduril Industries; Lattice AI and Interceptor (Hard Kill)

  • Anduril launched the Interceptor drone as part of the Lattice AI cUAS (counter Unmanned Aerial System) solution to detect and interdict unmanned aircraft or autonomous drone systems. Whether seamlessly integrated with Lattice AI or manually cued, a human operator can verify targets and launch Interceptor drones to kill rotary or fixed-wing threats autonomously in any environment, day or night, providing an additional dimension of force protection for military personnel and installations or critical infrastructure.