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Ground Vehicle Autonomous Pathways

Project Description

Area of Interest (AoI) Statement: Ground Vehicle Autonomy Pathways


The Department of Defense (DoD) seeks commercial solutions to advance autonomous vehicle operations for U.S. Army ground robotics, such as the Robotic Combat Vehicle-Light.

The government is seeking vendors to evaluate current software in support of unmanned operations, and augment/enhance the software stack based upon government feedback. The resultant prototype will provide software in support of unmanned operations that fuses multiple sensors and also allows for teleoperation of the unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) in the diverse and challenging environments inherent to military operations. The software suite will also provide a technical pipeline to continue rapid development and deployment of autonomous features as they become available by industry. Surrogate hardware will be made available to vendors selected for this effort to support prototyping, when and if required by the government, however, vendors may provide their own vehicles for testing and demonstration purposes. The software should be built upon an open architecture design framework with an emphasis on use of industry standards for physical and logical interfaces and protocols, including safety architecture, as well as portability into future systems that may or may not have the same hardware.

Solutions will provide strategies and plans for data collection and management in both physical and simulated environments. Vendors will use open standards for data ingest, storage, and exchange, as well as for the training, deployment, and transfer of the software system. Solutions will also provide simulated testing environments and an overall plan to take the system from simulated to physical, real world environments.

The government understands that companies will likely not be able to meet all of the specifications in this solicitation, but encourage companies with demonstrable capability applicable to one or more of these specifications to apply. Preference will be given to vendors, or teams of vendors, that show a capability for generating an end-to-end solution. Vendors who propose solutions using a teaming and/or prime subcontractor arrangement, which combine multiple solutions into one, are highly encouraged to submit such solutions individually, as well as together.

Company proposals must achieve or include the following:

  • Company and development team must be U.S.-owned/based.
  • Include demonstrations and/or descriptions of previous experience with similar unmanned vehicle  projects.
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop either end-to-end modular autonomy or individual autonomy modules (either classical or modern) and iterate with user feedback.
  • Demonstrate an ability to transition to production and sustainment of algorithms.
  • Demonstrate a mature software development process, with experience integrating into existing infrastructure.

Awarding Process



Q: Do you know if the below solicitation includes a requirement to automate failure prediction, root cause and remediation of the compute machines inside Army's autonomous vehicle fleets?

A: The AOI seeks solutions for autonomous navigation software and the other characteristics and features as described. If you believe that your solution applies, please submit.


Q: Capabilities developed for prototype and demonstration can vary and be scaled to meet funding. Is there a targeted funding ceiling for this effort?

A: Because this will be competitively bid we would not be able to divulge that value. However, we expect more than sufficient funding to fully fund this effort.


Q: Does participation in this contract limit the participation of a vendor in future programs related to the Robotic Combat Vehicle, for example, the planned Robotic Combat Vehicle Software Pathway (SWP) program?

A: Participation in this AOI will not affect a company’s ability to participate in related programs.

Q: What are the expected AI hardware capabilities of the ground vehicles being targeted for this project? For example, is the intent to provide autonomous path navigation to ground vehicles that have or don't have AI processing capabilities onboard?

A: This solicitation seeks software solutions and we encourage vendors to make recommendations on the hardware that they believe is the best solution to the problem.

Before You Submit

Companies are advised that any Prototype Other Transaction (OT) agreement awarded in response to this solicitation may result in the direct award of a follow-on production contract or agreement without the use of further competitive procedures. Follow-on production activities will result from successful prototype completion.

The follow-on production contract or agreement will be available for use by one or more organizations within the Department of Defense. As a result, the magnitude of the follow-on production contract or agreement could be significantly larger than that of the Prototype OT agreement. All Prototype OT agreements will include the following statement relative to the potential for follow-on production: “In accordance with 10 U.S.C. § 4022(f), and upon a determination that the prototype project for this transaction has successfully been completed, this competitively awarded Prototype OT agreement may result in the award of a follow-on production contract or transaction without the use of competitive procedures.”

2018 Other Transaction Guide

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