California has 33 million acres of forest. This company is training artificial intelligence to scour it all for wildfire.
The Washington Post
November 06, 2019
If successful, AI could help firefighters extinguish wildfires before they spread.
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Military Algorithm Can Predict Illness 48 Hours Before Symptoms Show
October 24, 2019
The program lead says future troops might be deployed with wearables like watches or chest straps that will know when they are getting sick and how long it will take them to get better.
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Will Blood-Bearing Delivery Drones Transform Disaster Relief and Battlefield Medicine?
October 22, 2019
While the likes of Amazon, DHL and recently, UPS—are gearing up to use drones to cut costs of delivering consumer goods, a company called Zipline is applying similar technology to delivering life-saving medical supplies to difficult-to-access places ranging from less developed countries to natural or humanitarian disaster zones–and possibly even warzones.
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LeoLabs' New Radar Tracks Tiny Space Debris
Breaking Defense
October 14, 2019
LeoLabs CEO and co-founder Dan Ceperley says the firm has a mission "to drive a new era of transparency in LEO."
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